Thursday, August 8, 2013

Veterinary rip-off

At my last medical appointment, mom had my toenails trimmed, as I can get fidgety.  They did a great job holding me.. I didn't get mad at all.   So mom scheduled both of us to get our nails done there.  There's a very nice lady that is easily frightened when I grumble; she works at a local pet store, and charges just $7 each.  But we didn't want to scare her, so we went to the vet for a mani-pedi.  After all, last time it was $12.50, which is more than the nice lady, but oh well.  So we went this morning...and after our nails were done, mom was told, "That will be $50 plus tax."  Mom almost fell on the floor. The girl who works there said it is $12.50 when you already have an appointment with the doctor.  So when you go in before the office opens, and never see a doctor, you pay DOUBLE the price.  After all, you walked in the door. can imagine the words swirling around the car on the ride home.  B****rds. Unprofessional.  Rip off.  How could they?  Some F- Sh- D words.  Need a new vet.  $50 could get a full groom.  I'll do it myself (my least favorite.).  Well, hope you all had a better day than us!  Hope you all love your vets!  Hugs!

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