Thursday, December 30, 2010

Having Fun!

Duncan doesn't mind the cold, he loves the snow -- he was tracking something under the snow yesterday! Or was he just digging for the heck of it?

Snowbound-not really!

At last, Duncan can move around a bit--the snow was so deep, he was quite intimidated the first day. Now he has a number of paths to explore, and proceeded to dig his own way around. I never knew snow could be sticky until I tried to pluck a million snowballs off his coat! This is one of my favorite pics, he is all fluffed up & at attention! The birds were eating, and he was making sure any squirrel looking to visit kept their distance. I had to go and get him inside for fear of frostbite on his little feet!

Friday, December 10, 2010

OMG I remember this!

Wow, I found this picture from last July! I remember when we were leaving, we had brought him to the front lawn & the breeder (I like them both very much, such nice people!) said to call to him. And he came running over! Destined to be my little buddy!

Wesie in a Tie

Wesie in a Tie
Westie in a bow tie!