Thursday, July 26, 2012

Time for legislation that supports pet ownership

Alright everyone! I see so many of us with tremendous pet bills.  Insurance doesn't cover everything, and as your pet ages, the cost goes way up.  Makes you wonder if it's worth it! A whole lot of "what ifs" come into play. I propose new federal legislation. I think veterinary bills should become partially tax deductible. Now, of course, some will say there are some deviants out there that will fake a pet or get one & abuse it just to get the tax deduction.  And this is criminal.  But I think overall, pet owners will feel better about giving their pets better care.  Possible effects:

  • Better care for our pets = pets live longer
  • More income for veterinarians & labs = economic stimulus
  • Owners REJOICE! Our pets can finally be treated as family & not property
Some terms may include:
  • Original receipts must accompany tax forms; even a form for veterinarians to verify
  • A cap on the deduction, as there is for college tuition, say $1500-$2500 
  • We can even have the cost of the office visit not count, as most insurance companies would agree.
It may not help that much, but it would be help!  I see so many struggling to pay a $1200 vet bill, or people can't afford cancer treatment for their pets.  This way we can treat our animals with a little more confidence, knowing our investments in their health not only has a small tax benefit, but we get to have them that much longer.  And I bet we'd all agree we'd like that.

If you think this is a good idea, leave a screen name here as a comment.  I'll send on to the powers that be.
If you think this is a stupid idea, just ignore me! I can't fight city hall without you, so if most of you disagree, I will bide by the masses!


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  1. You know I'm with you on this one! How many tens of thousands have I spent since 2003 on my zoo? Don't even ask... They were worth it.


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