Thursday, March 15, 2012


If you can stomach what cancer actually looks like, scroll down to the next 3/15 post.
A picture of a mass and a graphic description of the condition known as squamous cell carcinoma is below. When I tried to learn about it, I never saw anything online that showed how ugly cancer is. Bleak, yes, but no one actually SHOWS how ugly it is.

Hope I don't offend anyone!
Love you, Smokie!

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  1. Smokie lived every single day of her life, knowing she was loved, safe, and happy. She trusts you to take care of her and always do the right thing. Letting her go is the right thing. It feels like hell, but it's right.

    Fly, Smokie! Gentle journey and a safe landing. Missy will show you the ropes.


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Wesie in a Tie
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