Thursday, September 1, 2011

Look at me!!
Duncan's awesome breeder made him grooming sling.
Look at the difference! I was able to trim his chest much better, and even get more on the sides.
He usually squirms so much; well, when he isn't laying down relaxing when the
grooming kit comes out. It triggers instant lethargy, and then, wiggle intervals.
So funny! Handsome boy!
Oh, and this Westie LOVES babies. Our neighbors have 2 babies.
Duncan is so gentle with them. They just started walking--and they came to visit in the front yard.
Duncan wriggled with joy. And SAT DOWN almost the whole time,
no jumping or acting crazy.
Good boy, Duncan!

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Wesie in a Tie

Wesie in a Tie
Westie in a bow tie!